23 December 2013

[video] Besital Mouths, live in Los Angeles, 13 Dec 2013

live Bestial Mouths video that I made of their Friday the 13th performance at Helter Skelter, Los Angeles, December 2013. Music by them, audio and video by me.

17 December 2013

a quick note from Humorless Productions

I have four videos up on my YouTube of the live recording I made of Medicine. The two songs that they promoted on their FB have a combined 1428 hits. The two songs they didn't mention, even though they sound and look just as good, and are equally available to anybody to view on that very same YouTube channel, have 239 hits. More than a five to one ratio.

I put up two videos of the Youth Code recording, and the story is the same- the one that they posted to their FB has 522 hits, and the one they didn't has 98. Again, just over a five to one ratio.

When I post a video, I write up some sort of description or info and post it along with the video(s) to my Blogspot, my Tumblr and my Wordpress blogs, my personal FB and my company FB, as well as my LinkedIn (I only have like 3 Twitter followers, and those people are already on my FB, so I don't even bother with Twitter). The bottom line is that I reach only so many people, and the people who I do reach don't always seem to take the ball and run with it.

So if I'm ever fortunate to record you or your band, if you want your fans to see/hear it, it would really help out if you posted it to your FB with a quick little 'Hey, check out this cool live recording from the other day…'. It'll make you look good, you'll sound good, it'll be good for me, it'll be good for the venue, and your fans will appreciate it.

Thanks. Brian Humorless.

12 December 2013

[video] Moab live in San Diego, 7 Dec 2013

My recording of doom/sludge metal band Moab live in San Diego. A band that sounds very much like Black Sabbath, with a singer who sounds exactly like Ozzy, doing a cover of an old Rush song. Super.

10 December 2013

[audio] Imminent live in Munich, 30 Oct 2009

In the 90s, Somatic Responses and Imminent (ne: Starvation) pretty much set the standard for 'forward thinking industrial'. While SR continued their barrage of releases throughout the years, Imminent took a decade off to pursue some of his other projects like Axiome, Torsion, Ambre, The Incredible Three, Urawa and others. The break apparently did him good, because the album he released under the Imminent moniker after all those years was Cask Strength, which is a monumental work of art and the best album of his career. 

I caught him at Feuerwerk in one of my favorite cities of all time, Munich, on Halloween weekend in 2009. The show served as sort of a record release show as the album officially came out earlier that week, which was fortuitous timing as he played a bunch of tunes from the new album as well as some choice cuts from his previous magnum opus Nord. 

04 December 2013

[video] Duran Duran Duran live in LA, 22 Nov 2013

Duran Duran Duran made a name for himself as one of the leading breakcore producers in the late 90s and into the new century. However, after his initial explosion of frenetic breaks and hyperspeed rhythms, he's forged a more dancefloor-freindly style, albeit still packing plenty of pounding drums and thumping bass to turn your innards into mush by the end of the night.

Duran Duran Duran tore through California in late 2013, and I was on hand to document his Los Angeles appearance on 22 November.

03 December 2013

[video] Richard Devine live in Los Angeles, 22 Nov 2013

Highlights from Richard Devine's performance at CELEBRATE EVERYTHING at Complex, Los Angeles, 22 November 2013.

The full performance was about 40 minutes, and I understand that he has plans on releasing more (all?) of his footage from this night.

I'm currently working on all the rest of the video I shot this night (Loopgoat, (303) 909-1604 (Baseck + CyrusRex's one-off(?) performance), Twin Braids (Baseck + Joy Through Noise) and headliner Duran Duran Duran), and I'll have some clips up shortly.

01 December 2013

[video] Mattson 2 live in San Diego, 19 Nov 2013

San Diego surf/jazz/rock fixture Mattson 2 played 91x's Mike Halloran's locals-only night at The Griffin, and I was there to capture the event.

Mike himself has been a long-time enthusiast and historian of the local music scene in San Diego, and is a luminary in the annals of San Diego radio.

After having played for over an hour, Mattson 2 were finished with their set, until Mike jumped on the mic and egged them on to do their interpretation of 'Ask' by The Smiths.

18 November 2013

[video] Author & Punisher, live in San Diego, 12 Nov 2013

Author & Punisher live at Soda Bar, San Diego, California, 12 November 2013.

Music by Author & Punisher. Audio/video recording and post-production by me.

27 October 2013

audio mastering lesson: Goblin live

I think one of the reasons why people find audio mastering so mysterious and such an esoteric art is because they rarely if ever are given an opportunity to hear the 'before mastering' and 'after mastering' versions of the same audio. Well, here's your chance.

This is a very particular recording, so please allow me to elaborate.

Legendary Italian progressive rock band Goblin embarked on their first tour of the United Stated in the fall of 2013 for the first time in the band's 40 year history. I attended the second of their three sold-out shows at The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California.

While I am a professional audio engineer, specializing in live concert recording, for this event, my only recording device fr this was my pocket point & shoot camera: a Canon S100. Great little camera that grabs some really nice 1080, and which has some better-than-decent built-in, stereo mics.

Standard rock concert- loud music, fairly large theatre with a sizable main seating area as well as a large balcony, and as I mentioned, packed with people. I was sitting slightly off-center, about 150 feet from the stage.

The first half of this audio is the raw file coming straight out of the camera. Surprisingly, no low end distortion. It's dynamic range is equally surprising. When recording an event like this, I always expect camera audio to come out pretty much automatically brick walled. But his one has some pretty peaky peaks.

I recommend that you listen multiple times on some high quality headphones, as well as a high quality soundsystem with a subwoofer.

You'll hear that overall, it sounds OK, but not spectacular. Very narrow stereo image. Pretty thin. Kinda lifeless. But the individual instruments have pretty clear voices. It's not a big blob of screaming midrange, which is what most rock concerts are. FOH soundguy was doing a good job.

The second half of this audio is, of course, the same bit of audio as the first half, only after I put it through the motions and maxed it out. Now this audio sounds spectacular, at least considering what I started out with. Much wider stereo image giving the instruments a lot more room to breathe. Much punchier and weighty low end, giving the entire recording a much stronger sense of closeness. High end is now sparkly, shinier, but not harsh. Overall a massive improvement.

How did I accomplish this?

1. FabFilter Pro Q equalizer in Soundtrack Pro. Boosted low lows to bring up the bass and kick, cut some upper lows to minimize the boxiness, boosted the highs to make it shiny. But not too shiny, because I know some of the later processes tend to accentuate the high end.

2. Still in STP, apply iZotope Ozone 5 Imager. This plug-in has some nice multiband controls to dial in how wide everything sounds. Really makes the later steps much easier.

Keeping in mind that the effects in STP are destructive (if you don't save your audio under a different name after applying the effect, that is). It seems sort of counterintuitive or counterproductive, but most of the time this is how I prefer to work. I always keep a backup of the original audio just in case for some reason I need to start over, but that never really happens.

After these two steps, I send the audio to Presonus Studio One 2, which is more of a traditional multitrack DAW where the plug-ins are inserted into the channel strip and are non-destructive.

3. QuikQuak UpStereo with really mild/shallow settings. This does pretty much the same thing as the eq and imager, but with far fewer settings and parameters that are much less finely tunable than those previous effects. But in case I need to give just the slightest extra little push, I'll use this.

4. Presonus Multiband Dynamics Compressor for fine-tuning the peaks in the drums and anything else.

5. Export that audio, then open it in iZotope Rx3 Advanced. In Channel Operations, send it through the phase corrector. This tends to be a very subtle effect, but generally makes an improvement.

6. Finally, open it up back in Soundtrack Pro, normalize, and then max it out with a limiter. NO, OF COURSE I'M NOT GONNA BRICK WALL IT. But I will kick it up a couple notches, being very care not to flatten it out too much. I've been doing this long enough to know when too much is too much, and I'm never gonna push it that far.

Also keep in mind that the visual representation of the audio here on Soundcloud is fairly accurate, but it does flatten out a lot of the peaks, so even though it may look brick walled, you can trust that it isn't.

Any questions or comments? Throw 'em at me.

By the way, this song is a live version of the song Tenebrae, which is the theme song to the Dario Argento movie of the same name. If you would like to see the video that accompanies this audio, find it on my YouTube page here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvk1vbtx1I4), as well as a few other Goblin tracks from the same performance (Non Ho Sonno, Magic Thriller, and L'alba dei morti viventi / Zombi).


Brian, Humorless Productions.

24 October 2013

[video] Goblin live in Hollywood, 22 Oct 2013

Here's a few Goblin videos I shot the other night in Hollywood.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a proper recording (not for lack of asking/trying, though). However, I had my smaller Canon with me, with shoots some very nice 1080, and has some better than decent built-in, stereo mics. And once I dropped the footage into my computer, I shined up the audio further. So, while it's not as professional-grade as I would have liked, it's still worth viewing/listening.

Some details in the YouTube description if you care to see what equipment/programs/plug-ins I used.

Non So Honno


Magic Thriller

L'alba dei morti viventi / Zombi

01 October 2013

[video] Youth Code live in San Diego, 27 Sept 2013

Couple tracks from the Youth Code show from last weekend. Music by them, audio and video by me-

15 September 2013

Medicine live in San Diego, 13 Sept 2013

Audio recorded, mixed and mastered by me. Video capture and editing by me.

Couple more on the way.

08 August 2013

Thee Source ov Fawnation live in LA, 29 June 2013

Thee Source ov Fawnation live at Complex, Los Angeles, 29 June 2013.


Audio recorded, mixed and mastered by Brian Albers at Humorless Productions, as well as all video capture and post-production.


Stereo board mix
Nady stereo condenser mic for room/audience
Focusrite Saffire Pro24 preamp/interface
Presonus Studio One 2 for recording
Logic 8 for editing and mixing
Soundtrack Pro for mastering
Macbook Pro

Canon Vixia HF G10 (tripod)
Canon S100 (handheld)
Final Cut Pro X

audio-only version here (streaming)-

03 August 2013

BAAL, UteroZZZAAA and djoto videos from cEvin Key's Japanese Cyberpunk Invasion Tour in Los Angeles, 21 July 2013

cEvin Key presents BAAL, UteroZZZAAA and djoto live at Complex, Los Angeles, 21 July 2013.

Audio recorded, mixed and mastered by Brian Albers at Humorless Productions, as well as all video capture and post-production.

Stereo board mix 
Nady stereo condenser mic for room/audience 
Focusrite Saffire Pro24 preamp/interface 
Presonus Studio One 2 for recording 
Logic 8 for editing and mixing 
Soundtrack Pro for mastering 
Macbook Pro 

Canon Vixia HF G10 (tripod)
Canon S100 (handheld)
Final Cut Pro X

Visuals by Tim Abad.

23 July 2013

this week on Best in Show- Bad Timing, Baseck, Nommo Ogo, and Thee Source ov Fawnation, live in LA, 29 June 2013

Back with a vengeance this week on Best in Show on Mixlr.com- marathon radio show on Sunday afternoon with live recordings by Bad Timing, Baseck, Nommo Ogo and Thee Source ov Fawnation, as they happened on the night of 29 June 2013 at Complex in Los Angeles.

Tune in to mixlr.com/humorless-productions/ Sunday afternoon, 6pm west coast time.

08 July 2013

this week on Best in Show- Venetian Snares live in Seattle, 7 June 2008

I'm pleased to present the worldwide debut of Venetian Snares live at El Corazon in Seattle, Washington from the 7th of June 2008 this week on Humorless Productions Presents Best in Show on Mixlr.com.

This one sounds every bit as good as the recording I made of him in Korneuburg, Austria in 2005, and this show in Seattle coincided with the release of Detrimentalist, so he starts by playing some choice cuts from that one, and then heads off in all directions, including tracks from Rossz, Filth, Higgins, Doll Doll Doll, Cavalcade of Glee and all sorts of others.

Listen in at mixlr.com/humorless-productions/ this Sunday at 6pm west coast time.

(Then I'll be taking the following week off, but on the Sunday after that, the 28th, I'll be back on with Nommo Ogo, Thee Source ov Fawnation, Baseck and Bad Timing live from LA from a few weeks ago.)

02 July 2013

this week on Best in Show- Panacea and Venetian Snares, live at MUTEK Montreal, 2000/2001 (plus a challenge for next week)

Remember back in the old days (turn of the century?) when it was the hip thing for clubs to webcast live audio of their shows? Does anybody do that anymore, other than DNA Lounge in SF? Dunno. Don't think so. And DNA Lounge applies such a ridiculously high ratio limiter on their audio that their webcasts are pretty much unlistenable (listen to some of their archives for yourself here). I remember back in those days, there was more than a handful of clubs in Berlin that did this every single weekend, and the time difference between Germany and me in Southern California was so that I would pop one of them on in the afternoon and let it run for hours and hours.

Anyways, Canada's long-running and prestigious festival for electronic music, MUTEK, used to do this (still does? dunno) and would also post selected performances as mp3s for download after the fact (which are gone now as far as I can tell).

Was I the only one who would sit in my studio and record these things as they happened? Maybe so, because this Venetian Snares didn't show up anywhere on the internet until I started giving it out to friends, and I can't find this Panacea anywhere, maybe because I haven't given it out to any friends yet.

Don't expect Panacea's familiar hard drum and bass sound in this performance. For this MUTEK show, he only performed songs from his brilliant Brasilia cd, which is much more in line with the ambient glitch sounds of his Squaremeter project.

And this Venetian Snares show is very early in his career when he was pumping out some of his most brutal, most relentless, most intense industrial-stength breakcore. He plays several tracks from the Shiver in Eternal Darkness cd and the Greg Hates Car Culture 12" and the Fuck Canada // Fuck America cd and some other unreleased bits from that era.

MUTEK's audio webcasts were superior to most others, as they had the wherewithal to set up some room mics and include them in the mix, so we do get some crowd noise. But as you would expect, both the Panacea and the VSnares required a whole bunch of fixing up and remastering, and I pumped in some extra crowd sounds to make it sound like an actual concert.

I know I've already typed a whole lot, but I'm gonna type some more-

I have a challenge for you, my listeners. To state it simply, my show is not that popular. So here's what I wanna do- this week, if the listener count surpasses 100, then for next week's show on the 14th, I'll put on this excellent recording I made of Venetian Snares live in Seattle from the summer of 2008, which happened right as Detrimentalist was hitting the streets, so he does a bunch of songs from that one, and from Rossz and Meathole and Infolepsy and Doll Doll Doll and Higgins and a whole bunch of others.

But if I don't hit 100 listeners, that one will remain hidden, and I'll put on something else.

But for this week, tune in on Sunday afternoon at 6pm west coast time at http://mixlr.com/humorless-productions/ for Panacea like at MUTEK Montreal, 7 June 2000, and Venetian Snares live at MUTEK Montreal, 14 October 2001.

26 June 2013

16 June 2013

this week on Best in Show- Christoph Fringeli live in Austria 2009

Praxis Records label founder Christoph Fringeli treats us to some heavy and gloomy electronics this week on Best in Show- a mix of pounding industrial, proto-breakcore, with bits of dark ambient, radio/tv dialog and a little classical music.

Live at Elevate Festival, Graz, Austria, 24 October 2009. Tune in Sunday at 6pm west coast time at http://mixlr.com/humorless-productions/.

11 June 2013

this week on Best in Show- Corvx de Timor, LA 2013 and Yellow Then Blue, LA 2008

Couple unrelated live sets this week, although stylistically they'll appeal to the same crowd.

First up will be Corvx de Timor live at Complex in Los Angeles from 22 May 2013. Recommended if you like Gridlock's gloomy, crunchy, post-industrial/idm soundscapes and beats.

Followed by Yellow Then Blue's debut performance from the 12th of September 2008, also in Los Angeles. Imagine if Squarepusher and Aphex Twin had a baby, and it liked jazz and fusion rock as well as its parent's spazzy, breakneck idm.

Both sets are short, so the complete radio show won't be much more than an hour this week.

Listen in Sunday at 6pm west coast time at http://mixlr.com/humorless-productions/

08 June 2013

this week on Best in Show- Graz and FFF live in Santa Barbara 2012

Seattle ravecore mashup hardcore genius Graz teamed up with legendary Rotterdam breakcore junglist FFF for the SpringBreakCore tour in the spring of 2012, and this Sunday I'll bring you the recordings of their performances from the final show of that tour from the 24th of March 2012 from Santa Barbara.

And there's so much going on these days on the weekend, that I'm gonna delay the start time for the show another hour, so from now on the show will start every Sunday at 6pm west coast time, 9pm on the east.

30 May 2013

this week on Best in Show- KK Null live in Austria 2009 and Merzbow live in Austria 2010


Another combo show this week with a short (~20 minutes) but really amazing live recording of KK Null in Graz from 2009, followed by Merzbow live in Vienna from the spring of 2010, a performance for which he was accompanied by drummer Balázs Pándi.

Sunday, 5pm west coast time, listen at http://mixlr.com/humorless-productions/

20 May 2013

this week on Best in Show- Enduser, Las Vegas, 2007

Here's another one from the vaults, and another world premier! Enduser live from Las Vegas from Cinco de Mayo, 2007.

I have no idea how Enduser found time to produce all the music that he did leading up to this Vegas show, on top of his constant touring. He had released From Zero in 2004, Run War and Comparing Paths and The End and Calling the Vultures in 2005, and Pushing Back and Form without Function in 2006. Six albums and one EP of remixes (as well as a handful of 12"s and compilation tracks) in three years, all the while touring, non-stop, worldwide. That's ridiculous.

I've decided to move back the start time for the show by an hour. Now that the weather is much more conducive to outdoor activities well into the evening, I try to take advantage of it as much as I can. So the show will now start at 5pm west coast time from now on (or at least until I feel like moving it even later…).

So this Sunday, 5pm on the west coast, 8pm on the east, live Enduser from Las Vegas, 5 May 2007. Listen at http://mixlr.com/humorless-productions/

13 May 2013

this week on Best in Show- Abelcain (world premier) and Fanny

Tune in this Sunday afternoon on mixlr.com for Abelcain and Fanny recorded live in Los Angeles as they both played a Darkmatter Soundsystems party on 19 May 2006.

I've seen the Fanny recording pop up on a couple different places on the internet over the years, but I've since remastered this one, so it'll sound far better than any version that's already out there.

The Abelcain hasn't been uploaded, released or broadcast in any way, in part or in whole, so I'm very excited to get that one on the air and give it a proper debut to the world.

Listen in at mixlr.com/humorless-productions Sunday at 4pm west coast time.

09 May 2013

this week on Best in Show- The Flashbulb live in Hollywood 2006

The Flashbulb live at The Vanguard, Hollywood, CA, 15 November 2006.

This one falls into the same category as my recordings of Venetian Snares and Richard Devine in that at the time, I recorded only my own audience bootleg, only to find out later that somebody in a position of authority had recorded and subsequently uploaded/released a board tape. I have combined the two, and the resulting 'live album' sounds infinitely better than either of the individual recordings by themselves.

My biggest hurdle with this project was that the board tape was riddled with serious problems. Really a disaster. Lots of nasty clipping. Channels dropping in and out with the accompanying sounds of cables being plugged in and pulled out. Stuff like that. I repaired/restored/fixed much of that, although there were some parts where it was totally FUBAR, but I did what I could with it. The good news is that not only did I make significant improvements in the board tape, but the audience recording helped in smoothing out many of the rough spots once I combined them.

In November of 2006 he was touring in support of his classic Flexing Habitual album so he plays many songs from that, as well as a few from earlier releases like Kirlian Selections and Reunion.

Listen in, Sunday at 4pm west coast time at mixlr.com/humorlessproductions.

07 May 2013

SkinCage and Not Breathing live in Tucson, 17 April 2013 (audio and video)

Full sets from both. All audio recorded, mixed and mastered by me. Video capture and editing by me as well.

All-star night in Arizona as these two legends opened up for Negativland mainstay Mark Hosler (who I recorded as well, but hasn't (yet?) given me the go-ahead to post his recording anywhere, so that one will remain buried in the archives for now).

Audio here (which is the same recording, but it might sound a little sharper than the YouTube audio)-

06 May 2013

a few live Bestial Mouths videos from Das Bunker, 1 March 2013

Audio recorded, mixed and mastered by me. Video by me, too (although for this one I had only my little Canon S100 point and shoot, so the video isn't super spectacular, but for a pocket camera, it's pretty damn good).

02 May 2013

this week on Best in Show- Raxyor and Techdiff, live in Vienna 2010

Combo show again this week with a couple recordings from the same night in Vienna, June 2010- first the pummeling fury of Raxyor followed by the surgically precise but no less abusive mayhem from Techdiff, as it happened that night at an event called Panzer Schokolade #3 at EKH.

Listen in at http://mixlr.com/humorless-productions/, Sunday at 4pm west coast time.

25 April 2013

this week on Best in Show- Mochipet

Mochipet has just wrapped up a victorious nationwide tour, which had him on the road since the end of last year.

I'll be broadcasting the recording I made of his set at The Ruby Room in San Diego on the night of the 3rd of April on this week's Best in Show.

Over the years, Mochipet has proven to be an artist that's been difficult to pin down. Starting out in the mid-90s as a laptop idm producer, he's bounced around between breakcore, mashup, hip hop, dubstep, minimal electronic, unclassifiable (Cuti Sadda…) and every other sub-sub-sub-genre of electronic music that you can imagine.

Nowadays (well, for this tour at least), he was blasting tunes that fit most easily in the style of the boombastic rock/synth/techno hybrid sounds of bands like Daft Punk or Chemical Brothers, and always with his idiosyncratic, distinctive style, making extensive use of marimba and his midi guitar with Kaoss pad (or something to that effect). For this tour, he also was accompanied by a live drummer. Super.

Mochipet live at The Ruby Room, San Diego, 3 April 2013.

Sunday at 4pm west coast time, listen at mixlr.com/humorless-productions

19 April 2013

This week on Best in Show- Autechre x2

This'll be different than my usual broadcasts, because neither of these Autechre sets did I record myself. What I did was take a couple board tapes, did some extensive remastering and added a bunch of crowd sounds (subtly, artfully) to make them sound like an actual concert.

One from way back in 1993 (Incunabula, Amber, Anti EP era) and one from New York 2001 (LP5, EP7, Chiastic Slide era).

Sunday 4pm west coast time. http://mixlr.com/humorless-productions/

11 April 2013

YouTube vs Mixcloud

Audio/music basics-

People don't care about music any more. Although they will watch/listen to just about any thing on YouTube, regardless of video or audio quality.

Case in point- my live recordings of Daedelus from March 2012 and March 2013.

The 2012 (audio only) recording has been available as an audio stream on my Mixcloud page for about three months. It's high quality, professionally recorded, mixed and mastered audio, comparable to any proper live album you've heard over the years. Daedelus himself has promoted the recording on his FB page, and as of today it has just over 50 listens.

The 2013 recording is of the same high quality audio, and even though the songs performed are different than the 2012 show, generally speaking it's the same show. The big difference is that this newer recording is accompanied by the video of the performance as well as the audio. It's up on YouTube, and Daedelus promoted it the exact same way he promoted the Mixcloud recording a year ago, and the video has accumulated over 400 views in 24 hours.

Of course, I don't expect that pace to continue, but it pretty much crystalizes my suggestion that people will check out videos on YouTube much more readily than they'll listen to audio/music without some video to accompany it.

Lesson learned- if you're me and record pretty much nothing but live albums, I wouldn't even bother do all the work to produce the recording without video, because next to nobody will take the time to listen to it. From now on, I'm not going to make any live recordings without video.

Perhaps one day I'll do an experiment where I'll put up the audio on Mixcloud and the video on YouTube of the same show and see what the response is.

Lesson for bands- I see a whole lotta Soundcloud tracks with thousands and thousands of plays, and that's impressive. But it makes me wonder what their play count would be if that same track was a video on YouTube. I make some original music as well, and (if I want anybody to hear it) I don't think I'm gonna consider putting it up anywhere other than YouTube with some video of something, even just a montage of random shots of nothing in particular.

(Unless I actually try to make any money from selling the mp3s, in which case I'll head to Bandcamp, but I think we all know that selling mp3s these days is a laughable proposition.)

If you're interested, here are the Daedelus recordings-

03 April 2013

This week on Best in Show- WMX

Yes, I know my Mixcloud is flooded with live WMX recordings (here and here and here and here), but this one will be newer than all those with new tunes.

Recorded at the Darkmatter Soundsystem party from the 2nd of March 2013 in Los Angeles.

As always, listen in Sunday at 4pm PST on http://mixlr.com/humorless-productions/

29 March 2013

This week on Best in Show- This Song Is a Mess But So Am I

This week on Best in Show- This Song Is a Mess But So Am I (x2!)

This week on Humorless Productions presents Best in Show I'll be playing two recordings if This Song Is a Mess But So Am I, both recorded at The Smell in Los Angeles and only a few months apart in early 2007.

This Song Is a Mess was Freddy Ruppert's first musical project, and quickly gained legendary status after having released only one full length album and a smattering of tracks on a couple EPs and split releases. His renown was cemented not so much by his studio output, but more so by his incredibly energetic and captivating live performances, two of which you'll hear this coming Sunday on my Mixlr channel including his final formal performance as This Song Is a Mess.

Freddy continues to make music using the name Former Ghosts which has more of a melodic, melancholy synth-pop style as opposed to the more aggressive experimental industrial sounds of This Song Is a Mess.

First up on Sunday will be the recording from the 20th of January, 2007 and the second will be from the 26th of May from that same year, which was his final performance before starting Former Ghosts. I'm playing both because they each clock in at about 25 minutes, so it'll be a well spent hour.

This Sunday at 4pm PST on http://mixlr.com/humorless-productions/

21 March 2013

this week on Best in Show- Daedelus

In anticipation of his upcoming swing through Southern California next week, I'll be playing Daedelus' live set that I recorded last year (almost to the day) in Los Angeles.

Tune in Sunday at 4pm PST here.

13 March 2013

this week on Best in Show- Enduser live in Berlin, 14 May 2010

This week on Humorless Productions presents Best in Show-

Enduser live at Berghain, Berlin, 14 May 2010.

Exclusive live recording, not available anywhere else on the internet, to be broadcast once and once only. Marathon set- one hour and thirty five minutes, every minute of which will be aired.

Tune in Sunday at 4pm (California time).

Listen here- http://mixlr.com/humorless-productions/

06 March 2013

internet broadcast of my live recording of Bestial Mouths this weekend

Ok, I'm very excited about this.

I recorded Bestial Mouths last weekend in Los Angeles, and I'm super stoked that they've given me permission to broadcast/shoutcast it on my mixlr.com channel this coming Sunday.

http://mixlr.com/humorless-productions/ is my Mixlr page, and the time will be Sunday, 10 March at 4pm west coast time, which is 7pm east coast time, and I think midnight in London and 1am (Monday morning officially) in Berlin. As far as I know, it'll be a one-time-only broadcast and won't be available (download, stream or otherwise) once it's aired.

This is my first time using Mixlr, but I've done some tests and everything has worked just fine. 

Basically, it's a site where you can make a playlist (a la iTunes) of Soundcloud tracks and broadcast them to whomever wants to listen, and every broadcast has it's own IM/chat capabilities. So I'll just throw the recording in the playlist and let 'er rip.

You don't need to register an account with Mixlr to listen to the show, but you do if you want to join the chat room. Registration is free.

The audio is high quality, proper live album, not some crappy bootleg. If you're not familiar with any of my other live recordings (industrial, breakcore, idm, more…), jump over to mixcloud.com/humorlessproductions and check some out.

Bestial Mouths will be playing SXSW the following weekend, so hopefully this broadcast will add to the giant hype snowball that's been generating around them, and help push them through the Austin show and the release of their album and beyond.

I also grabbed a couple songs on video from this show, and have synced up my high quality audio to them. I may be able to convince the band to release them prior to the broadcast as a teaser, but we shall see.

Have I covered everything? I think so.

Please tune in, and spread the word. Thanks.

Brian. Humorless Productions.

04 March 2013

Ssleeperhold live in Los Angeles, 1 March 2013

My (audio and video) recording of Ssleeperhold’s final two songs of his performance at Das Bunker, Los Angeles, 1 March 2013.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brian Albers at Humorless Productions.

Ssleeperhold on FB

Mono board mix 
Nady stereo condenser mic for room/audience 
Focusrite Saffire Pro24 preamp/interface 
Presonus Studio One 2 for recording 
Logic 8 for editing and mixing 
Soundtrack Pro for mastering 
Macbook Pro

Canon S100 camera

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26 February 2013

Tearist live in San Diego, 4 August 2012

Tearist live at Soda Bar, San Diego, 4 March 2012.
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Mono board mix
Nady stereo condenser mic for room/audience
Focusrite Saffire Pro24 preamp/interface
Logic 8 for recording, editing, mixing
Soundtrack Pro for mastering
Macbook Pro

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22 February 2013

Raxyor live in Vienna, 12 June 2010

Raxyor live at EKH, Vienna, 12 June 2010.

Raxyor Soundcloud

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brian Albers at Humorless Productions.

Stereo board mix
Nady stereo condenser mic for room/audience
Focusrite Saffire Pro24 preamp/interface
Logic 8 for recording, editing, mixing
Soundtrack Pro for mastering
Macbook Pro

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21 February 2013

Bombardier live in Los Angeles, 16 March 2012

Bombardier live at Blue Moon Nights, Los Angeles, 16 March 2012.

Bombardier FB
Low Res website

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brian Albers at Humorless Productions.

Stereo board mix
Nady stereo condenser mic for room/audience
Focusrite Saffire Pro24 preamp/interface
Logic 8 for recording, editing, mixing Soundtrack Pro for mastering
Macbook Pro

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20 February 2013

WMX live in Los Angeles, 29 March 2012

WMX live at Prime at Medusa Lounge, Los Angeles, 29 March 2012.


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brian Albers at Humorless Productions.

Stereo board mix
Nady stereo condenser mic for room/audience
Focusrite Saffire Pro24 preamp/interface
Logic 8 for recording, editing, mixing
Soundtrack Pro for mastering
Macbook Pro

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Not Breathing live in Tucson, 2 Dec 2005

Not Breathing live at String Theory at Vaudeville Cabaret, Tucson, 2 Dec 2005.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brian Albers at Humorless Productions.

Stereo board mix
Nady stereo condenser mic for room/ambience
Focusrite Saffire Pro24 preamp/interface
Logic 8 for recording, editing, mixing
Soundtrack Pro for mastering
Macbook Pro

That intro dialog sample is actually the outro of the person who played before Not Breathing. I tried editing it out, but it sounded awkward if I cut it in half and threw in a nice, elegant fade into the NB performance. And it also sounded awkward when I cut out the whole thing and put in an abrupt fade in. So I just left the whole thing in. Deal with it.

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15 February 2013

another update

I'm in the process of posting full-length versions of some of the recordings I've made over the years (and the ones I continue to make, by the way...) on my Mixcloud page at mixcloud.com/humorlessproductions.

Often times I'll embed those recordings to my Wordpress and Tumblr blogs, but not always. Those blogs are pretty much mirrors of each other, so if you were considering following one of them, you needn't bother following both. I've totally neglected this Blogspot blog, but really for no good reason. It's just that I ask myself, 'do I really want to create more work for myself, especially when I've done the exact same work twice already for my other blogs?' But you know how people are- some prefer Wordpress, others prefer Tumblr and others prefer Blogspot. So maybe I'll start posting stuff here as well. I dunno.