15 February 2013

another update

I'm in the process of posting full-length versions of some of the recordings I've made over the years (and the ones I continue to make, by the way...) on my Mixcloud page at mixcloud.com/humorlessproductions.

Often times I'll embed those recordings to my Wordpress and Tumblr blogs, but not always. Those blogs are pretty much mirrors of each other, so if you were considering following one of them, you needn't bother following both. I've totally neglected this Blogspot blog, but really for no good reason. It's just that I ask myself, 'do I really want to create more work for myself, especially when I've done the exact same work twice already for my other blogs?' But you know how people are- some prefer Wordpress, others prefer Tumblr and others prefer Blogspot. So maybe I'll start posting stuff here as well. I dunno.

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