10 August 2014

Rodent516 live in San Diego, 6 August 2014

Rodent516 live at Fully Patched at Kava Lounge, San Diego, 6 August 2014.

The music in the first half of this video reminds me very much of EP7, so I guess I'll recommend this video if you like that era of Autechre.

04 August 2014

Dancu on Myspace

Don't ask me why, but I created a Myspace page for Dancu yesterday. Must have been really bored. But at the same time, I don't think there's any harm in it.

Nothing exclusive there- the same couple songs that I have up on my Soundcloud/official.fm, and the same video that I have up on YouTube. Lots more fotos than I have anywhere else, not that they have anything to do with my Dancu music at all. Of course, all six songs of my debut release are posted nowhere other than my Bandcamp.

By the way, Myspace still has a bunch of kinks to work out. Setting up my page and uploading my content was fairly painless, but the process has some weird little quirks that you won't know about until you upload your media, and once you do that you'll realize how stuff needs to be labelled for it to display the way you want it to on Myspace, and it's not all that logical.

Also, I don't remember what the original Myspace was like, but the new one is set up in a blog format where you can post pictures or songs or videos or simple text updates, and it all becomes part of your 'stream' or whatever they call it. Fine. I doubt I'll post too much there, but it's just another blog to update (along with my Blogspot, my Tumblr, my Wordpress, my LinkedIn, my personal FB, my artist FB, my company FB…).

01 August 2014

My first batch of original tunes is finally up on Bandcamp

Seriously, I've been working on and off on these songs for a couple years, and I could go on remixing and remixing and remixing and remixing them until the end of time, but I finally just said to myself 'ok, enough' and threw them up on Bandcamp. Six tracks of gloomy, pounding, orchestral, soundtracky, martial industrial with a healthy dose of glitchy synths. Pay what you want.

Hear/buy them here.

Video for one of the tracks-

27 July 2014

[video] Nommo Ogo live in San Diego, 19 July 2014

Couple from Nommo Ogo live at Che Café, San Diego, 19 July 2014.

25 July 2014

[video] Wolves in the Throne Room live in San Diego, 19 July 2014

Couple videos of Wolves in the Throne Room from last weekend. The audio is a bit rough- the board feed was almost completely unusable. Too much level, too much clipping. I doctored it up as much as I could, but my room mics ended up being probably 90% of this final mix. Still a decent sound, and perfectly acceptable for these YouTubers.

Now if I could only get some decent light on the band. Jeez, what I would give for a well lit stage. Someday? Please?

20 July 2014

[video] Kid 606 live in Los Angeles, 27 June 2014

Track from Kid 606 live in Los Angeles where I recorded and edited all audio and video.

14 July 2014

[videos] Corrections House live in San Diego, 6 January 2014

Here are a couple videos from Corrections House (members of Neurosis, Eyehategod, Nachtmystium, Yakuza) that I neglected to post at the time I recorded them in early 2014.

02 July 2014

Master list of every artist that I've recorded

Not that anybody asked for it, but here's the complete list of every artist that I've recorded over the years. Actually, I most likely have recorded more than those listed here, but in the super early days when I first started recording concerts in the 90s (proper recordings; the cassette bootlegs I did before that don't count), there were probably a few where I didn't keep a copy of the master audio files or the finished mixdown or anything. Artists that I've recorded multiple times are listed only once.

No doubt I still missed some, so if I forgot your band, drop me a note.

Just wanted to compile a list. I'll keep adding to it as new names come along.

(303) 909-1604




Ars Dada

The Audacity

Author & Punisher


Christoph de Babalon


Bad Timing

Todd Barton


Bestial Mouths

Black Jeans




William Braintree


Broken Note

Tom Brosseau

Tom Burbank

Buzz Campbell and Hot Rod Lincoln


CNN 666


Company Fuck


Corrections House

Corvx de Timor


Cyrus Rex



Death Is Not a Color



Richard Devine





DJ Hidden



Mike Dobler

Oliver Dodd


Duran Duran Duran

Brian E


Electric Company




Eyeless Sight


Felt Drawings


The Flashbulb

Flourescent Grey

Former Ghosts


Christoph Fringeli


Gross Prophet



Steev Hise

Mark Hosler




The Incredible Hexadecibels

Indian Jewelry



Joy Through Noise

cEvin Key

Kid 606

KK Null

Koonda Holaa

Kush Arora

LA Vamps




M. Geddas Gengras

The Mattson 2



Derek Michael

Ming & Ping




Monster X

Ted Nava


Next Life


No Age

Lee Noble / Grant Capes / Derek Rogers


Noize Creator

Nommo Ogo

Not Breathing

David Oliphant


Genesis P-Orridge

Gregory Page

Parenthetical Girls



The Pizarro Brothers

The Punk Group

Quartet Nouveau


The Red Elvises


John C. Reilly

Curtis Roads




Otto von Schirach

The Screamin' Primas



Sleep Clinic

Somatic Responses

Split Horizon



Stab City


The Striggles


Damo Suzuki's Network



Terminal 11

Thee Source ov Fawnation

This Song Is a Mess But So Am I

The Tleilaxu Music Machine

Tomoroh Hidari

Twin Braids


Venetian Snares


Wet Mango



Wolves in the Throne Room


Yellow Then Blue

Youth Code

Zola Jesus



18 June 2014

The Cure's Plainsong (The Humorless Productions Restoration)

It's fair to say that Disintegration is The Cure's magnum opus. I can't say I was too much a fan of it when it came out; I was much more a metal head back in those days. But over the years, as my tastes expanded, I've definitely gained an appreciation for both the album and the band.

One thing that always bothered me about Disintegration, though, was the mix. Having remastered hundreds of albums, in listening to this, I knew remastering this one wasn't going to be easy. In fact, many albums from this era are plagued with the same with the same sonic imprint, made most difficult with the ground work of a dull, unsparkly band sound combined with an extremely sibilant vocal track. Disintegration is the worst offender. All the early Van Halen albums come in a close second and were a total pain in the ass when I remastered them for myself.

My first attempt at remastering Disintegration was many years ago, but I was never happy with it. Every time I heard it I always wondered if they just simply mixed the album wrong. Which is why I was hopeful when the remastered deluxe reissue came out in 2010. I had my fingers crossed that they would deal with some of the mix issues, as they were clearly evident to me. But to no avail, as the reissue didn't sound too much different than the original. So obviously they meant it to sound like that, which is beyond me. So now I've taken matters into my own hands.

If you listen to the first track, Plainsong, and listen very closely, you'll hear that there is a hi hat playing straight 16ths through the entire song, but it's so buried in the mix that it may as well not be there. So how would I bring out that hi hat but not blow the high end in the keyboards and vocals through the roof? Well, I cheated, and added my own. Then I thought, why stop there? Why not fix some of the other problems in the drum part? I didn't want to do anything too elaborate or involved, but I knew that adding a couple drum parts would make a world of difference. Here's how it went down-

1. Well, it's not the first thing I did, but the first thing you'll hear is the intro. I kept the wind chime / bells as is, but boosted their level a good bit. I always thought their level was way too low. I also layered in two different ambient sounds, which I grabbed from some sample pack from Techdiff. It makes that intro sound a little bit less detached from the rest of the song. I briefly considered putting in some string parts or a synth melody, maybe to do some musical foreshadowing to the main body of the song. But I nixed that idea pretty quickly, and just went with the atmospheres.

2. Then onto the drums. First the added hi hat, straight 16ths just like the original. I didn't want it to sound so narrow, though, so I threw on a chorus to give it some breadth, and also a slight auto-panner to give it a little left-right action. Not too much, very subtle. Sounded too mechanical at first, so I gave it a bit of a human feel by adding in some accents and some slight volume-up/volume-down variations.

3. Then I added a snare sound, again doubling the original. But the original is more of a thud, whereas I wanted more of a crack. I pulled one out of my magical bag of snares, and put it as well as the hi hat through an appropriate reverb.

4. I also wanted to address the kick sound, and that was a bit tricky. I applied an eq to the original track where I killed as much of the original kick as possible without losing any of the nice low end in the song. Then I inserted a new kick sound, which has more body to it, and a little bit more of a click. For that I used an instrument called Nicky Romero's Kick. To be honest, I have no idea who Nicky Romero is, but it's a versatile kick drum VST, directed more towards techno production and other electronic sub-genres I think. But like I say, it's very versatile, and I fixed up a kick that works just fine.

5. One last thing- for the song itself, I used the original version, not the 2010 remaster. Not that it would have mattered, because either way, it was gonna require a little work. The most pressing issue was all that harsh sibilance on the vocals, so minimized most of that with a DeEsser.

And that's pretty much it. I considered putting in a second hi hat track, something a little bit more elaborate. Maybe something along the lines of Autechre's BassCadet, with all the ping-pong-y scraping percussive sounds. But, I thought that would have been overkill, and I just wanted to keep it fairly simple and straight forward.

10 May 2014

Jay Mohr live in San Diego, 3 May 2014

Change of pace- I recorded actor/comedian/talk show host Jay Mohr at The American Comedy Company in San Diego, 3 May 2014.

09 May 2014

video I did for Muffwiggler with Baseck

Promotional video I did for Muffwiggler (makers of modular synths with internet store and physical store in Portland, OR.) with LA's 8-bit gameboy turntablism beat-mangling legend Baseck.

06 May 2014

compilation of punk/goth/new wave/metal bands in 70s/80s horror movies

OK, so here's that video compilation of bands in horror flicks that I put together. Turned out rather well. I love the wipe style. I remastered every bit of audio, so it sounds extra sharp. The Siouxsie song is from a movie called Out of Control which isn't a horror flick, but I included it anyway.

You may be asking yourself why I did this. It's a good question, and I don't have a reasonable answer. It's just that I watch so many of these types of movies, and it always strikes me as so funny when a band gets some screen time to play one of their songs with the idea that the music is supposed to be in some way threatening or scary or underground-y or ominous or dangerous or something like that. Obviously, as we're now 30-40 years later, none of this music comes anywhere even remotely close to being scary, so I guess it's just the silly campiness of it that I find funny.

Anyways, enjoy it or not. Here's the tracklist-

(0:00) intro
(2:08) unknown artist 'Revenge' from Deadline (1984)
(5:16) Shadow 'New Years Evil' from New Years Evil (1980)
(7:00) Siouxsie & the Banshees 'Cities in Dust' from Out of Control (1986)
(8:21) Shadow 'untitled blues jam' from New Years Evil (1980)
(8:45) 4 Out of 5 Doctors 'Waiting for Roxanne' from The House on Sorority Row (1983)
(9:33) Tony Coca-Cola and The Roosters 'untitled song' from The Driller Killer (1979)
(13:55) Samson 'Vice Versa' from The Incubus (1982)
(16:14) Made in Japan 'The Cooler' from New Years Evil (1980)
(17:05) Paula Sheppard 'Me and My Rhythm Box' from Liquid Sky (1983)
(20:10) Shadow 'Temper Tantrum' from New Years Evil (1980)
(21:56) Felony 'Gangster Rock' from Graduation Day (1981)
(29:30) Made in Japan 'Dumb Blondes' from New Years Evil (1980)
(30:25) unknown artist 'unknown song' from Horror Hospital (1973)
(32:20) unknown artist 'unknown song' from Savage Streets (1984)
(32:56) Made in Japan 'Bonsai' from New Years Evil (1980)

(33:27) unknown artist 'unknown song' from The Driller Killer (1979)

26 April 2014

need some suggestions for scenes of punk/new wave/goth bands in horror movies

I'm starting an absurd video project and could use some input from those of you who are familiar with horror movies of the 70s and 80s. Not specifically limited to those years I guess, but that seems to be the era that featured the most unintentionally ridiculous bands and songs, and that's what I'm after.

This might sound torturous, but I'm putting together a compilation/montage of scenes of new wave/punk/goth bands that perform one (or more!) of their songs in a horror movie of that era. Don't ask me why, because I don't really have a reason.

The first movie that comes to mind is New Year's Evil which features several bands. I have a list of others (below), but nothing too notable. The band in Driller Killer is so awful that I might exclude them, although this compilation is gonna be nothing but awful music, so I might reconsider. Horror Hospital is pretty early (imdb says 1973, but it feels like mid/late 60s), but that band in the opening scene is so un-ironically Spinal Tap-y, that I'll fer sure include that one. Rocky Horror doesn't count. Sorry. Neither does Phantom of the Paradise. Neither does Aylmer singing his showtune in the sink in Brain Damage (shame, I know).

I'm not looking for videos of songs that were written for some horror movie (a la The Ramones' Pet Sematery or The Dickies' Killer Klowns from Outer Space); I'm not looking for horror movies that revolved around a band or a band member (a la Black Roses or Slaughterhouse Rock), unless the band is featured in the movie playing one of their songs. Well-known or nobodies, doesn't matter. Wasn't W.A.S.P. in one? Bonus if there's a dancefloor full of slamming/moshing punk rockers in the scene.

The band in Graduation Day ('81) is exactly what I'm looking for. The movie isn't about the band (Felony, who a couple years later had a giant radio hit with 'The Fanatic'), and none of the band members have any screen time outside of performing their song 'Gangster Rock' which they play at some high school dance/roller skating rink. It's a ridiculous hard rock song and the guys are done up in mascara and studded bracelets and act like they're playing to 15 thousand people. That song will be in there.

I don't think songs from non-horror movies will work. I'm going for what people thought at the time was angry, threatening, underground, scary music. The band in The House on Sorority Row gets some screen time (right at the 30 minute mark), but they play some really safe new wave radio rock at some preppy college dance. Still, they're only on screen for 30 seconds, and they're so dopey/goofy, I might go ahead and include them.

It doesn't matter if the song isn't devoid of dialog. If I can find some way to edit out the dialog and still keep the song intact, I will. But if not, I'll just leave it unedited. The dialog won't make much sense because it'll be totally out of context, but obviously that won't matter at all. I hope the full compilation will be at least 30 minutes. Would be great of it reaches 60 minutes. If I can track down the info (band name, track title, title of the movie), I'll even put in titles in the corner like MTV in the old days.

So far, I have these earmarked-

Driller Killer
Graduation Day
Horror Hospital
The House on Sorority Row
New Year's Evil
Savage Streets

No doubt I'm missing some obvious ones, so please, throw 'em at me. If they're not available on dvd, hopefully I'll be able to find a high quality download to use.

23 April 2014

[audio] Venetian Snares live in Winnipeg, late 90s

Venetian Snares live at Plug In Gallery, Winnipeg.

OK, so this is another one that I didn't actually record myself. It's a stereo board tape from his early days (late 90s or early 2000s I'd estimate, with tracks from Greg Hates Car Culture, Fuck Canada // Fuck America, as well as some early unreleased stuff) that I found lurking in the deepest, darkest corners of the internet (well, YouTube), but I put in a whole bunch of time and work to remaster it and add some crowd sounds to make it sound like a proper live album.

The source material is a mess, and YouTube's abysmal compression doesn't help matters. But I pumped some life into it, shined it up and made it a whole lot more presentable. No video on the original YouTube; just a static jpeg of some Satanic looking goat thing.

Track times obviously aren't official or anything, but I did the best I could. If any of you can figure out the song titles for the ones that eluded me, throw 'em at me.

22 April 2014

No Age 'Fever Dreaming' live in LA, 30 March 2014

Felt like doing another No Age video from KXLU Fest from late last month.

10 April 2014

WMX live in Los Angeles, 29 March 2014

WMX live in Los Angeles, 29 March 2014

WMX live at CELEBRATE EVERYTHING at Complex, Los Angeles, 29 March 2014.

WMX usually provides a nice blend of IDM, industrial, breakcore and hard techno, but this night he went all sledgehammer-heavy, 90s style, Ant-Zen / Hands Productions style rhythmic noise. All hardware set, not a laptop to be found.