28 January 2020

[audio] O/H live in Los Angeles, 20 March 2015

O/H live at Nuit Noire XI at Jewel's One, Los Angeles, 20 March 2015.

O/H = Rich Oddie of Orphx and Dave Foster of Huren and Teste.

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Video I shot-

[audio] Otto von Schirach live in Budapest, 19 March 2010

Otto von Schirach live at A38, Budapest, 19 March 2010.

With Balázs Pándi on drums/percussion.

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Some pictures here- https://www.a38.hu/en/picture-gallery/otto-von-schirach-volkova-sisters

17 January 2020

[audio] Clock DVA live in Denver, 25 September 2016

Clock DVA live at Syntax Physic Opera, Denver, 25 September 2016.

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Here’s a video I shot that night-

[audio] Youth Code live in San Diego, 27 Sept 2013

Youth Code live at The Void, San Diego, 27 Sept 2013.

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Couple videos I made at this show-

10 January 2020

[audio] Medicine live in San Diego, 13 September 2013

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Kim Gordon (ex-Sonic Youth) organized a big ol' indie music festival in San Diego for a weekend in the fall of 2013, with all sorts of bands playing in clubs all over town. I recorded indie rock shoegaze legends Medicine at The Void on 13 September.

This show featured lots of technical difficulties. I don't remember what exactly the problems were, but I edited out a couple gaps of no music of two or three or four minutes in the middle of this set. Problems with drums or mics or vocals? I don't remember. And even now, you'll hear guitarist Brad Laner do a four and a half minute improvisational noise thing at about the 26 minute park, because I think the bassist broke a string and had to replace it.

So, not the smoothest show, but at well over an hour, they do manage to play a bunch of tunes.

For me, doing the mixing and mastering of rock bands is much different than electronic music artists. With electronic music, there's no acoustic sound coming off the stage, so it's very easy for me to control, and I usually end up using about 85 or 90% board feed versus 15 or 10% room sound in the final mix.

With rock music, the board feed always sounds super awkward because there's so much acoustic sound coming off stage (drums, guitar amps, bass amps), that the board feed doesn't usually have much more to it than vocals. So, I end up using a whole lot more of the room mics in the final mix with rock bands. It's usually more like 50/50 board feed vs room mics.

Here’s a bunch of videos I made of this performance-

[audio] Xanopticon live in Graz, 28 October 2006

Xanopticon live in Uhrturm Kassematte, Elevate Festival, Graz, Austria, 28 October 2006.

'Give it up for Mr. XanoptiicoOOOON. XANOPTICOOOOOONN!!'
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Elevate Festival in Graz is one of the premiere music and social awareness festivals in all of Europe. 

Graz is a smallish town in the southeast of Austria, and Graz is generally known for two things- it's a college town, and that Arnold Schwarzenegger grew up in a suburb of Graz. Now that Elevate Festival has been a yearly occurrence since the mid 2000s, Graz is now known for three things. Well, also that complete eyesore of an art gallery building, so four things.

Elevate is a week-long festival, with all sorts of political and social panel discussions, demonstrations of the latest high-tech innovations, and a bunch of music.

The four music stages of Elevate sit at the top of a mountain in the center of town. Outdoors, there's a main stage and a secondary stage, and two more stages sit inside the mountain. Seriously, they are caves, and the mainstage is gigantic with a massive sound system, and the second stage is where all the crazy music happens.

The first night in the small cave features experimental and avant-garde musics of all styles and instrumentations. The second night features hard, aggressive electronic music. Industrial / breakcore legend Eiterherd has been involved with the festival since the beginning, and has organized all the bands for this venue.

So if you find yourself in that part of the world in October, look it up. Because Graz is such a small town and Elevate is such a high profile event, finding a hotel room can be a challenge. But if you can work it out, you won't regret going.


03 January 2020

[audio] Author & Punisher live in Salt Lake City, 15 July 2019

Author & Punisher live at Metro Music Hall, Salt Lake City, 15 July 2019

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(0:00) Intro

(1:53) Pharmacide

(6:26) Nihil Strength

(11:05) Nazarene

(15:06) A Crude Sectioning

(20:32) Beastland

(26:45) Terrorbird

(32:18) Ode to Bedlam

Big news from Author & Punisher if you haven't heard.

He'll be opening for Tool on their upcoming US tour through January. Bunch of dates on the west coast and through the midsection and ending up in New Orleans. Catch him if you can, in the unlikely event that the show in your town didn't sell out in like one second and you actually have a chance to get tickets.

This recording is from six months prior to that tour, in Salt Lake City.

Video of the full set is here-

[audio] Dalglish live in Los Angeles, 15 February 2015

Dalglish live at Complex, Los Angeles, 15 February 2015.

Dalglish aka OST aka O.S.T. aka Original Sound Transmissions aka Rook Vallard aka Rook Valard aka Rook Vallade aka Chris Douglas. Mirrored here-