28 December 2019

[audio] P·A·L live in Munich, 30 October 2009

P•A•L live at Feierwerk, Munich, 30 October 2009.

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[audio] Cyrusrex live in Seattle, 7 June 2008

Cyrusrex live at El Corazon, Seattle, 7 June 2008.

This performance hits me as a little bit more on the experimental side of IDM, certainly more so than his album.

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20 December 2019

[audio] Noisex live in Los Angeles, 24 Sept 2010

Noisex live at Das Bunker, Los Angeles, 24 September 2010.

I think Raoul Noisex was having some problems with his low end synth in this performance. It seems to cut in and out at random spots in multiple songs. Still sounds pretty good.

And that's Das Bunker founder Franck H-Bomb at the end ranting and raving about something. Not quite sure what. I think he's just professing his love for Noisex. Loudly. Right on, Franck, we're all right there with you. We all love Noisex.

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[audio] bloodysnowman live in San Francisco, 6 Oct 2010

bloodysnowman live at DNA Lounge, San Francisco, 6 October 2010.

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11 December 2019

[audio] Enduser and Kid 606 live in Budapest, 11 December 2009

For my friends in Budapest.

I post this on the tenth anniversary of this show, first time posting either of these performances.

Enduser and Kid606 live at A38, Budapest, Hungary, 11 December 2009.

Enduser played first, Kid606 second. You can hear during the last song of Enduser's performance, that Miguel 606 soundchecks his computer a couple times.

(0:00) A Trip Down
(2:30) Wisdom 05
(6:55) Not So Distant Drums
(11:19) Switch
(15:23) Manouvre
(18:00) Basement
(21:53) Berlin Dub
(24:49) Shot Gun Anthem
(27:39) Stormbringer (Enduser remix)
(29:59) 2/3
(34:17) 1/3
(38:47) The Catalyst
(43:08) Death Vest 09
(48:05) End of a Beginning (Sublight Version)
(54:30) Remain

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09 December 2019

If you hadn’t noticed…

I’m in the process of going through my archive drives and emptying them out onto my live recordings blogs. Recordings that I just never got around to posting in the first place, or recordings that have some sort of technical difficulties or some sort of compromise that dissuaded me from posting it. For some reason I'm finding that many of these recordings don't have the first song, or first half of the first song, or the first two songs. I have no idea how that happens, but I've decided that this won't stop me from posting it now. Or maybe the board feed is in mono, not stereo, which totally bums me out, but I just don't care any more, because they still sound pretty damn good, so those I'll post as well.

Mostly industrial, but a good mix of breakcore and idm and ambient / noise / experimental.

The good news is that I already have about 40 recordings to post, and my plan is to post two per week, so that gets us well into spring 2020.

I post all the audio to HearThis and Mixcloud. In the past, Mixcloud has occasionally prohibited listeners in the US to play my uploads, citing some US copyright law. HearThis has never killed any of my uploads for anybody worldwide, so that might be the more reliable place to listen to them.

And I post everything to my blogs, and everything is mirrored exactly on each of them, so pick your poison.-

I’ll occasionally post updates to my Humorless Productions FB, but not always, so those links above are better places to follow me if you want immediate updates for when I post new audio.

And, I'll occasionally post the original jpg flyers or pictures or artwork to the blog posts, and there's no way to do that on the two sites where I post the actual audio. So if you care about that sorta stuff, make sure to check the blogs as well as the audio sites.

Thanks, Brian.

07 December 2019

[audio] d'Arcangelo live in Vienna, 20 March 2004

d'Arcangelo live at MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, 20 March 2004.

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[audio] Hakuin live in Oakland, 1 June 2019

Hakuin live at SIDEREALÂș2 at Oakland Secret, Oakland, California, 1 June 2019.

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